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Rejected Yet Again...
Old 04-05-2020, 06:43 AM
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A year ago, I did a sub position as an art teacher. Art positions are fairly hard to come by, so I was excited to get the opportunity to do this sub position and show my skills as a teacher. When the position opened up, I applied, interviewed, and then was really saddened when the position went to another. I felt I had done a good job and connected well with the students and staff, so the denial of the position was a big surprise.

Several of the staff members "friended" me on social media. One of them became principal of his own school this year, and an art position came open. I applied, and he interviewed me. A few days later, I got the rejection email. Again, I don't understand. I have materials ready, lessons ready, and I thought I had a great relationship with this principal.

I would ask for feedback in the hopes of correcting whatever went wrong [2 times,] but have been told by other veteran teachers to let it go and not ask, as I will not be told, even though this person is a social media friend, and I thought a friend in real life. So I guess my question is, should I delete the principal? I know people will say that friends shouldn't hire friends, but we all know that principals hire their friends all the time, so I'm pretty hurt over this, and feel like a real failure. Good enough to sub, but never good enough for the job. Will it make me look bad if I delete him from my social media? Or do I sit there and keep smiling, and wonder if I'm just a joke and do not ever have a chance at being a teacher?

Thank you for reading and helping.

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