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Returning in person
Old 07-15-2020, 10:01 AM
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I am so upset. Our school (charter - side note, its a good school) wants to push reopening when the local districts have already elected to start remotely. How is this fair?! I donít feel safe going in person and I honestly feel like if they go ahead with this plan, Iíll be forced to quit. I refuse to put my job over my health. I know itíll be hard to find a job in the upcoming years and I really love this school - but no job is worth my health. Just needed to sign out and vent. Iím so upset that they want to push this. Normally I am on board because they are responsible and show good leadership, but come on. If local districts (and also many across the state are now announcing starting the year remotely), why the push to deviate and risk us all?! Most of us are younger but it doesnít mean anything - everyone is at risk.

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