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Applying for two aide/para positions in the same district
Old 09-06-2013, 12:29 PM
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This past week I had an interview for an aide position in an inclusion classroom in an elementary school. (I was interviewed by the school district's human resource committee, not the school). The interview went okay, but I feel I could have done better (I was very nervous, going blank, and tripping over my words). The panel told me I would know this coming week if I got the job. They said there were many positions for inclusion aides in the district, and it seemed they were interviewing a lot of people.

Today the same school district posted an ad for an immediate kindergarten aide job. I want to apply for that one too, just in case I don't get the inclusion job. Honestly I feel the kindergarten job would be better for me (I'm certified pre-k through 4, not special ed or inclusion), but I'd truly be happy to have either job.

Will it look weird to them if I apply for a job two days after interviewing for a different one and haven't even gotten to hear back about it yet? If they ARE considering me for the inclusion job, will the fact that I applied for another one effect their decision? Should I wait a few days? Or should I just go ahead and apply? Would they interview me again for the different position?

I'm new at this stuff! I don't know what would be best. Unless I'm really overthinking this and it's a totally normal thing to do.

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