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Selling yourself as a resource teacher
Old 11-05-2014, 02:31 PM
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I am a self-contained teacher. Big class K-5 cross-cat. I love my kids but I have no duty free lunch, no planning period and a big class. The classroom duties take a lot of time and I don't have anytime to do paperwork, etc. except after school. My family never sees me because I'm either at work or working at home and working on weekends.
How did you get a resource job?
I have adapted and general education special ed, middle school regular ed all subjects.
Any advice helpful.
Resource jobs in our district are coveted EC jobs so what did you say or do to get the job.
Plus resource gets the materials they need to teacher whereas a self-contained teacher doesn't (in our district) - they don't want to spend the money on self-contained classrooms.

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