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Library/Media assistant is the absolute worse job in the district I worked in. All the responsibility for $11.50/hr. I took a noon aide job over that. I'd rather deal with the chaos of the lunchroom amd playground than that. (I'm a teacher, so herding kids is not new to me)

Media assistant is a great job if you a retired teacher/librarian and you want to still work with kids, and do work "for the good of the cause". If you are a new teacher graduate and want to get your food in the door.

What probably happened is the needed a warm body, and you looked handy. Do you have any classroom/teaching experience? The media assistant at my DD school does all day to day operations. Check ins/check outs and the teachers drop the kids off. Supervises the parent volunteers. Does all the skut work, because the Media Specialist rotates between two schools.

I know our media assistant was at the beck and call of the principal, teachers and the Media Specialist. She has to do all the decorating for the different months. Plan out the annual book fair and get it okayed by the principal and the Media Specialist.

You got screwed. The school needed a meat puppet, and the job probably doesn't pay as well as other para jobs. I bet you thought you were signing up to do the stuff the parent volunteers do; shelve books, check ins/outs, etc. A warm body is better than no body. They were never going to train you.

"Not a good fit" means you didn't do all that extra BS with a happy heart, and that is what they'll use against you. They'll also say you were in over your head and chose to stay.

What do you want? If the job means student supervision, did you have any previous background? That is why I think you got used. New teachers need around two years before they really figure out classroom management. No way are resources going to be used to train you.

This job is gone. What the school had you do is what is expected of a library assistant. Maybe the union can get you shunted into another job.

My state is an at will state. Employers can let me go because for any reason. If you are in a state with a really wimpy teachers union, they maybe riding it out for the month.

I would look else where and write this off as a learning experience.
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