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I'm sorry you were put in that situation.

What you listed here seems pretty standard in all the schools I've worked at. All aides/assistants get the worst jobs overseeing students. They shouldn't have hired you in the first place if you don't want to work with students. I think your best bet is to move on and try something else. Do you really want this job back?

I've actually been in an admin position where I saw staff members who were good people that didn't not have appropriate training to do their job. While I wanted to encourage them and provide training, the reality was that we didn't have time for that. It was better for the school as a whole to let the staff member go and try to get someone more equipped for the job.

I don't think the school board would care and while it was handled poorly, they probably did not break any contract. In my area new teachers only get a probationary contract and can be let go at any time if the admin feels the job is not being performed adequately.

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