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The only way I would ever want this job back is if it would resemble a real library assistant job... as in one where I don't need to have authority over students and I'm simply helping. It'd be nice if I could at least get back the union dues I paid (since they did nothing to help me) and be paid back for my security clearances (which I was told I'd be repaid) that I was required to have.

Maybe they hired me specifically because I wasn't familiar with employment in a school district and they knew they could take advantage of me much more easily than someone who had previous experience in education.

I still kind of feel bad because one of my former teachers gave a glowing recommendation to these pricks and I tried my best to do my actual job and all the other nonsense that got heaped on me. Library work itself was great, but I am not cut out for working with kids. I'd say all my stress from work was a perfect 50/50 split: half of it was due to the kids, half was due to administration.

Anyway, thank you all so much for your input on this matter. I'm still kind of steamed that they can treat me (and others) like this and get away with it.
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