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I don't know about CA because I'm in PA, but I was the K/1 resource teacher at a public school last year and involved in the transition of all of the EI (early intervention)/pre-k students to our school.

I think it depends on when his birth date falls, but our parents were allowed to "opt" to keep their child in EI/pre-k for another year, but I think only one "extra" year is allowed. We had several families keep their children in pre-k for another year to see if that would make their child more ready to transition to the regular elementary school they're districted for vs. having the child out-placed into a more restrictive placement (like a SDC class).

I had a kindergarten parent ask me at the end of the school year if I thought they made the right decision as parents letting their son go to kindergarten and not doing another year of pre-k, so that leads me to believe it's an option parents have (at least in my state.) That child also had a June birthday. I think June/July/August birthdays are allowed to do another year of pre-k if parents (or the school) want them to. Since your son is just making the jump in pace in his progress, the pre-k team will probably agree with you that another year of pre-k would be beneficial, especially since he would be such a young kindergartener. Most of my kindergarten students I had last year who came to us from EI/-pre-k were on the older end of K and were turning 6 at the very beginning of the school year or were already 6, so I think a lot of them had a second year of pre-k so they would be "ready" to be in regular ed kindergarten with supports.
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