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Update to "horrible group"
Old 05-10-2019, 06:11 PM
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Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions in a thread I had awhile ago about a horrible math group I was trying to survive through the end of the year with. What I ended up doing is splitting them in half and having half work on an app in their chromebooks and half work with me.

The split doesn't really make sense academically- I had to do it that way to split up the major behaviors, so we are just doing a lot of "review." They switch halfway through, so they're also only having to do a short lesson/amount of work with me.

I've also gotten rid of any sort of "engaging" activity or things like turn and talks that can descend into chaos-one can hope walkthroughs are over for the year. I basically model some problems, put some up on the board for them to do on whiteboards, and then give them a sheet to do while I go around and give immediate feedback on what they're doing- I mark it correct or tell them what they need to do differently right away.

I'm still having some issues when I go to pick them up (one of the classroom teachers has decided this is earned "run around the room time" and they are obviously upset to be missing this great fun- to her credit, she does offer a recess to them instead, but they're still mad about it), but once I get them in my room they are fine. I have not had to go buy skittles!

Due to some meetings I have next week, I will only have to deal with this particular group TWO more times before the end of the year.

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