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17 years of teaching over 19 years (two years as a SAHM in between years 7 and 8). Three states, two private schools, four public school districts, and nine schools:

Year 1--Private school in TN (Taught K for 1 year; moved to LA)

Year 2--Private school in LA (Taught K for 1 year; left to teach public)

Years 3-7--Inner city public school in LA (Taught K for 5 years; moved to MS)

Years 8-9-- Rural school in MS (Taught 3rd for one year and K for the other; moved to TN)

Year 10--Suburban school in TN (Taught 1st for 1 year; was non-renewed by a bully principal)

Year 11--Inner city school in TN (Taught K for 1 year; was hired as an interim, position was eliminated after one year)

Year 12--Magnet school in TN (Taught 2nd for 1 year; position was eliminated after a drop in enrollment)

Year 13-14--Large metropolitan disctrict, very diverse student body. Very affluent neighborhood, but most of the kids were bussed in from poorer neighborhoods. Large hispanic population. (Taught 2nd for 2 years: left the regular classroom to teach gifted and talented)

Years 15 to Present--University Lab school, majority of the students are upper middle class (Teach G/T pullout 1st through 5th grade)

My youngest son goes to the lab school with me and I hope to be here until he finishes 5th grade. Once youngest is in middle school, I hope to move to a school closer to home because this school is a one hour commute from my home (and DH has no interest in moving).
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