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I agree with many of the concerns posted and could add a few more of my own. But in the interest of supporting the idea...

One thing we do at our school that doesn't involve a program is an informal "keep an eye on each other" thing. If one of us sees another who seems troubled, we'll connect in some way--that may range from "bad day, eh?" to "Are you okay?" It works because it's a culture, not a program.

Another thing we do is practice some traditions... an occasional potluck lunch or after school "party" that changes focus and gets us talking about something other than how bad things are...

(I'm sworn to secrecy but one staff member has a "secret" stash of emergency chocolate... if you're at your wit's end, you're allowed to raid that cupboard.)

I think it's a matter of finding ways to connect with each other. Programs tend to add stress because they become a "have to" thing, one more book to read, one more meeting to attend.

Early intervention can diminish the need for programs, counseling, meds. Connection and community are known protective factors in mental health.

But how do you start a culture? By normalizing supportive behavior. That old thing about telling two people who tell two people who tell two people... I would find two colleagues and make a connection (call it a deal) that we are going to check in with each other from time to time... and then, maybe they'll tell two people...
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