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Should I stay with teaching?
Old 08-18-2019, 04:06 PM
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My first six years as a teacher, I was in a Title 1 school with a very high transient population. This year, I started in a district much closer to home, and while the school I am at is still Title 1, it is a lot less transient and a step or so above the old one in terms of socio-economic status.

My last two years, I had a really difficult group of kids (I followed them up from 6th to 7th in order to switch content areas). One of my administrators described the group, privately, as soul-sucking; trying to manage the classes was a constant case of babysitting and dealing with a combination of apathy, defiance, and lots of laziness.

One of the hopes with coming over to my new school was that with it supposedly being better in terms of student population, is that it would be a fresh start and not as stressful. However, even though we're only two weeks into the school year, I'm already feeling stressed. And while there are definitely some good kids mixed in, as a whole this group of 8th graders is worse in terms of blatant defiance and attitude than the other group was.

I don't necessarily want to leave teaching, as I there have been a couple years when I've actually enjoyed coming to work each day and had fun working with my students. But right now, it feels like after the last two or so years, my enjoyment and patience have been drained.

Is it worth trying to get support from my admin/academic coach, or should I look at calling it quits and just hope I can teach community college (I've always wanted to teach Intro to Ed type classes) down the road?

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