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If it is a small school
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Clip to ScrapBook #7

Isn't your P aware that you have done this tradition for years and couldn't he/she have a nice talk with them and encourage them to find something else and honor your tradition?

The more I read here, the more I appreciate my former P!
My fellow teacher in first grade was very artistic and it was before Teachers pay teachers and the ability to make things on a computer. After school a mom came in and read her the riot act. She had activities her son did in my friends class and the exact same things that her son did in private local K. She wouldn't even let her explain. She ended by saying I am going to the P right now and let him know how much you use other people's creative work. Within minutes she returned with the P who marched the mom around the hall displays and the classroom and even pulled things from the teacher's storage. He showed the mom that the K teacher used all of her son's teacher's original work and then he stood there while he listened to the mom give the teacher a sincere apology.

This is how real administers handle things.
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