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I have 2 40 minute blocks of language. The first block I spend the first 10-20 min discussing the letter of the week. This is what it looks like
Monday: Introduce the letter - Our busiest day (about 20 minutes - including stretch breaks)
1. write the letter on the board using proper printing techniques (I use the Handwriting without tears teachers manual, but not the program). We practice air writing both upper and lower case letters
2. I use Jolly Phonics to teach the letter sounds. I tell the story that goes with the letter and teach them the sound and the action.
3. I use half flip chart papers with the letter in the middle and the students come up with words that start with that letter. I write them on the chart and draw a pic to go with it - if possible.
4. Independent practice printing page (jolly phonics sound sheet)

-Review the letter sound and independent printing practice page.

Wednesday: Starfall letter sheet printing practice and colouring

Thursday: Playdoh letters

Friday: Our catch up day - We have very high absence rates at our school so whatever was not done through out the week gets done all day Friday.

I am looking for suggestions on this too - I would love to hear what other people do! This is such a great question!
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