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I don't have much to add, but this thread has inspired to add a bento box to my Amazon shopping cart! I want to eat healthier, but I'm the same way, I get lazy if too much prep is involved. And I know I can easily fall into a rut.
Here's what I'm thinking so far:

I like the ideas of hard boiled eggs (maybe I'll try deviled eggs) or cheese cubes for the protein section. I'm thinking tuna salad would be good, also.

I'm kinda picky with fruits/vegetables (I don't like mushy or soft ones) but cucumber slices, pepper slices, cherry tomatoes would work for me. Also grapes or canned pineapple chunks.

I don't mind cold food, so if I have leftover pasta I could add that to a section.

Breadsticks and some kind of dip?

Thanks for starting this thread, Haley!
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