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separate them
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I've used both zoophonics and HWT. I used to think I needed to put them together, but that felt messy to me. Now I do them separately. I think this is especially important, because HWT begins with capitals first and I really like to focus on the zoophonics lowercase letters from the beginning. Also, doing them separately allows me to teach the special kinds of formation in HWT like frog jump capitals, magic c letters, and diving letters without interfering with phonics.

However, I will say that combining them did work out pretty well. I followed the order I preferred for phonics and just jumped around in the handwriting book. It wasn't a bad choice. I like doing it separately better, but the other way worked, too.

As far as what order to introduce the letters (your 2nd question), I think most programs and most basals go with an order that includes common, continuous sounds first, like m, s, and f, followed by a couple of pretty distinct ones, like t, b or c, and a vowel, usually a. After they have these letters you have enough to start blending and making some words. So then you add a few more consonants, another vowel, etc. until you finish up with the really less used letters like x or z or q.

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