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Great books
Old 07-31-2008, 05:29 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #5

Are you looking for books on different themes to use throughout the year? Some books I think may work well for this are:
The Kissing Hand (good for beginning of school)
Turkey for Thanksgiving or Today is Thanksgiving (may be good for the children to talk about their traditions with family members)
Light the Lights (A story of Hannukah and Christmas - again good to talk about traditions, but I wouldn't use if you have children that also celebrate other holidays not mentioned in the book)
Somebody Loves you Mr. Hatch
A Mother for Choco (great for around Mother's Day)
I Love You the Purplest (about two boys who keep asking their mom who she loves more. One she says she loves the bluest, the other she loves the reddest - hence the title "purplest")

Not sure if this is what you were looking for...

If you just want some classic books what about:
Corduroy, Peter's Chair, Ira Sleeps Over, Jamaica's Find, etc.

Hope this helps. I'll keep thinking...

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