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Then how do you account for so many middle school and high school teachers sexually abusing and in many cases sleeping with students? I call that breaking through the cracks, through the system.
I'm not sure who this is addressed to... but it helps make my point. Background checks and fingerprinting are not a guarantee of competence and qualification any more than certification guarantees good teaching skills. Background checks and fingerprinting only assure us that the candidate hasn't been caught doing it in the past. (I'll repeat that I support doing them but let's be realistic about what they accomplish.) Most licensing tests I'm familiar with only assure us that the candidate can pass the test. (If you doubt that, watch how many people drive.)

We need some multi-dimensional thinking to address these problems and challenges. Better compensation may well contribute to more candidates but it is not a guarantee of competence. It could, in fact, be argued that it would have the reverse impact. When people start applying for jobs based solely on pay they may well be less committed to the job. A reality of subbing is that it is not a great way to make a living--but how many jobs are there when you can simply decide you don't feel like going to work?

One reason additional reason I don't support testing is that it is impossible to be an SME (subject matter expert) for every subject a substitute may end up teaching. I have that problem myself and I understand that sometimes I'm called out of sheer desperation to have a responsible adult in a classroom for the day. That's another reality of subbing.

The universally admitted current standard for subs is "If no one gets hurt and nothing gets broken, you've had a good day." Personally, I think subs have as almost as much responsibility for changing that standard as do districts and administration.
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