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Passion Projects
Old 06-03-2018, 04:06 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

I have to share how amazing the Passion Project unit went this year! Last year, I focused on it as Genius Hour and learned some things about how to loosely structure the learning. This year my 5th graders really engaged with their passions. The structure was still loose but two main things gave it the structure that made a difference.

1. We began by answering a plethora of guiding questions from the book "Empower" by A.J. Juliani and John Spencer. This brainstorming helped the kids find a topic that was narrow enough to really focus on for 9 weeks straight.

2. Reflective check in every 10 days accompanied by peer feedback (words of encouragement, questions, suggestions, etc.)


1. Learn something new.
2. Have something to show for it at the end of 9 weeks.

Success stories:
1. a plexiglass skyscraper model - Passion: architectural design
2. a rebuilt computer - Passion: computer engineering
3. a working Lego machine that builds other objects out of Lego bricks using an app he programmed - Passion: electrical engineering
4. a gallery of landscapes - oil paintings - Passion: painting w/ Bob Ross "happy trees"
5. a container of brownies (homemade from scratch & oh so yummy!) - Passion: baking
6. a 62 page/26 chapter documentary of the school year - 5 copies professionally bound (My copy is signed by the author) - Passion: becoming an author

I could go on and on! Fashion design, sketching, computer game coding, foreign languages and cultures... These kids are amazing and they are the FUTURE!!!

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