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Right now, we are planning for in person learning, but I know in the spring, there was differences of opinion regarding this.

One principal wanted all teachers to report to school and teach. He felt that many of his teachers would not take it seriously/not put in the effort from home. He also felt that some teachers would be clueless about the technology and others wouldn't be but use that as an excuse to not do their best work. He felt going into school, with tech support, would fix those problems.

The other principals were concerned about teachers with kids and how that would work, with schools closed and most day cares closed for everyone but essential workers. However, they did understand that some teachers may want to come in for material, may have things they needed or could use for lessons at school, might be a better environment for filming, etc.

The higher ups wanted NO ONE at school for fear someone would get COVID.

In the end, they decided that you could come in if you wanted, but didn't have to. You could teach from home if you wanted to.

If/when we go back to distance learning (I'm anticipating it being more of a when than an if), we have not heard what it will look like. My principal asked me to help her draft plans this week. I personally think the option is best, but obviously there are a lot of perspectives and thoughts to look at.
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