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I know yíall are tired of me griping.
Old 08-31-2019, 10:43 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

So I apologize. Itís the same old thing, and I feel like I get zero support from the powers who be. Trying to figure out a solution is so frustrating, especially since Iím dealing with annuals, referrals, and initials.

The non-verbal autistic boy who Iíve had is loud, throws fits which are even louder, etc. Iíve posted about him before.

My new non-verbal autistic kiddo is very sensitive to sounds, very sensitive. He covers his ears kind of sensitive. So, kiddo #1 is loud ďjust becauseĒ or heís throwing a fit and even louder than usual. Kiddo #2 gets upset at the noise and starts crying. All the while I have my SLD pull out kids trying to concentrate and get work done.

Iím so frustrated. This isnít fair to any of my kids!!!!!!!!! Iíve expressed my concerns to my principal who suggested my autistic kiddo take a walk when he gets too loud...well sometimes that causes situations in itself because he gets overwhelmed easily.

Itís literally like a three ring circus in my room.

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