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Resigning during the year?
Old 10-19-2009, 05:23 AM
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I am not happy with my current teaching situation. Yes, there are positives...I enjoy working with my students, planning lessons for them, etc. However, the ridiculous amount of OTHER stuff is making it nearly impossible for me to do my best in my job (which is TEACHING...not being a social director, nurse, secretary, babysitter, etc.). I feel overwhelmed, even after many years of teaching. I am considering packing it in and leaving in order to maintain my sanity. I know that teaching is rough everywhere, that we are tasked with so much and given so little time and compensation for what we do. However, I feel that there are better places out there for me. I don't feel that I am a good fit for the grade level I am teaching or for my school.

So, the question is....has anyone ever left a teaching job during the school year? If I were to leave, I would provide the 30-45 day notice our system requires. I just worry about it impacting future opportunities, especially in such competitive markets. At the same time, I worry that a really rough year, and possibly not-so-great evaluations could make an even bigger difference (I have several years of stellar evals, but I am not feeling like that will happen this year). If you have left, what have you told future employers, if anything about the experience? I do have one good excuse, as I am also juggling graduate school.

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