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So you guys can stop calling me oboyd - my name is Liv or Olivia.
Thanks everyone - your advice has been really good. I didn't expect it at all.

I'm still confused but it is so good to get others advice. Someone asked where I was from - Australia. Bit more on my background - I'm a third year out, so this is the only school I have ever taught at. I think that is why its so hard for me because I haven't known any other schools.

My friend that referred this site - she is terrific. No she is not mean and does not really get involved in the gossip (I don't think so anyway) I have told 2 people how I feel - her and a guy I drive to school with. I made them keep it a secret and they have. She is on my level and has been really good and prety much giving me the same advice you guys have.

I told my principal in my ARM (reveiw meeting) a few weeks ago. He said he can't stop me from leaving but didn't want me to go. So, that sort of made things good and bad. Because I know he wants me to stay which is good and shows he appreciates me but doesn't help my decision about leaving. I have applied for one other job and as its holidays in Australia at the moment they are not interviewing as yet - well that what this school emailed me back anyway.

The first two years at the school were excellent. I think I have liked the school because there were alot of young people and made it easy to relate to them. It is also a very laid back school - not alot of pressure in terms of curriclum.

I have taught on the same level for the entire time I have been at the school but cannot see myself changing levels because I can see personality clashes with people on all the other levels and i'm scared to change levels because grade 1 is all i've ever known. My level at the moment is really good - we are all under 26 i think with experience varying from 1-5years. They are good people and we get along/work really well together.

I'm not going to lie, I have been there and gossiped with these girls but at the end of the day I don't feel like a good person for doing so. The minute I step away they think there must be something wrong with me and ignore me. Its a bit of a case of friends with all or none. When I try to tell them about any of the problems they only scratch the surface of the problem and cover it up- the problem goes much deeper than they think.

Hmmm talk about writing an essay - its so good to vent to a bunch of strangers!

The gossiping is not all that bothers me. Sometimes I feel no support from the leadership - its hard when the DP is involved in lot of this gossiping. Like I said its alot of little things that have all built up.

I know that no school is going to be perfect but when you get up each morning and don't want to go to work - well is that a sign its time to change. At one point this year I began to think... is teaching really for me...i felt like I was doing a bad job - as i'm sure most teachers do think at one time or another. I think teaching is still the right thing for me but maybe is is time for that change.

I think I might apply for a few jobs - go to some interviews if they are offered to me and take it from there.

Thanks again for all your help. This site is amazing just like my friend said it was and you guys are amazing too.


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