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Observation Advice
Old 09-04-2019, 07:02 AM
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I taught Kinder for 21 yrs (until last year) Iím now a Reading Intervention teacher.

Here are my advices
1. Donít pick Monday or Friday/kiddos are too tired from weekend or excited about weekend coming

2. I would get observed in Listening Comprehension through a Read aloud.
You can ask questions about characters, setting, prediction, inferencing skills etc.

3. At the beginning of the school year in Kinder, listening comprehension is great & appropriate.

4. Practice lessons in advance with students- For any announced observations, I always practice one or two days in advance

5. I always tell my students that the principal is coming to see them. To see how they act while Iím teaching. To see what they are learning & to see if they participate in my lesson.
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