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Joined: Oct 2005
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No Longer Subbing
Old 01-25-2010, 06:25 AM
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I had some health issues just before Xmas, and after Xmas I just didn't feel like going back. The behavior of the students has been increasingly bad for a number of years now. It just continues to decline and that is also the opinion of everyone I know. Checked my records and this was my fifteenth years of subbing. In the last ten years I had not received one pay increase. Wait, I think one district gave me a dollar or two more per day about five or six years ago. With the way the economy is going, I foresee no pay increase. Ever.
I am officially on a sabbatical or something so I can go back. I am not saying that I won't go back, perhaps next year. Depends on some things, my health and how bored I get. That last one is probably the deciding factor.
If you don't mind, although no longer active, I might still drop in here from time to time.

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