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Clip to ScrapBook #3

I can totally understand how you feel. These are the biggest reasons I don't get my teaching degree. Our reg. teachers are well paid but having to deal w/ that behavior day in and day out on top of everything else our reg. teachers deal with and I just couldn't sign up. At least w/ subbing I get to choose where I am going to be and don't have to go back if it isn't enjoyable.

At xmas time I put pressure on myself to work more to help pay some bills and it took a toll on my family (as well as having to put aside my other work at home job which is flexible) and my dh reminded me - this is supposed to be enjoyable and to CUT BACK my hours so i have joy and give joy. he was right. I am off work today and it feels GOOD! lol

As for a raise. I jsut finished my assoc. degree and since they changed the pay scale this year to read ANY degree is a certain rate that mean sI get $5/day more for full days. Yeah me. The degree cost me $5k but whatever lol (I did it for myself anyway, not THIS job). My friend has subbed in the dist. on and off since early 80's and said except for that wording change tehre has been no increase on pay in all that time. that is SAD. especially when we are short subs all the time.

Enjoy your down time and find something else to do !
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