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Ball Three
Joined: Sep 2009
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Augustus, owing to my selfish hope...
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Clip to ScrapBook #14

...that your health issues can be resolved soon so I can continue to be the beneficiary
of your straight-from-the-shoulder coaching, I'd like to refer you to a book which
contains the best health care advice I've seen in the 42 years since Dr. Ken Cooper's
book "Aerobics" came out. (Obviously this is something of a long shot since I don't
know the nature of your issues, but this book deals with a pretty broad spectrum of
illnesses, so I'll take a chance.)

It's a book on nutrition entitled "The China Study," by T. Colin Campbell, who was a
prof at Cornell when he wrote it about 5 years ago. This book cuts through the
landfill of conflicting advice that's out there; it's well documented, and, like you,
doesn't pull any punches. It's worth reading even if your present issues are as
straightforward as a busted arm.

Good luck, buddy.
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