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Good Evening Everyone in the Great Magnolia Room,!!! I see lots of enthusiastic teachers here who are willing to study about RC.

Sharing: I loved being able to hang around today in my sweatpants! Such a glorious day today. Fall is definitely coming and I am very excited to start school with my newly-learned RC practices. I would have to say the best thing I did this summer was going to Dennisport, MA with my family. We had an amazing vacation full of sun, sand, ocean, seafood, ice cream, kayaks and more!

Activity: I have been married for 12 yrs.
My boys are six and seven yrs old.
I went skydiving this summer.

Message Response: One thing I have to change is how I speak to the studetns. Teacher language is so powerful. I am going to pay more attention to it. I am also going to change how I do Time Out and make sure that each day starts with a great MM. (that's more than one...oops)
I am going to keep doing MM and cultivating my readers and writers! I am also going to keep working my best to help kids!


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