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Clip to ScrapBook #11

I hope a virtual meeting can last for several days.

Greeting: Hi, Tatum. I noticed, from the kayaking and use of exclamation points , that you seem very upbeat, active, and positive.

Sharing: Favorite things this summer
  • Personal: Went on vacation and stayed in a fabulous hotel with family
  • Professional: Starting cataloging all my books on LibraryThing
Activity: 2 truths and a lie
  • I love the Sookie Stackhouse books and have read them all several times.
  • For the first 6 years of teaching, I changed classrooms every year.
  • I am two classes away from earning a master's degree.
Message: I started MM last year but gave it up after a while. This year, I want to make a renewed commitment to MM. I want to be more proactive and direct in teaching conflict resolution skills to my students. I am planning to do the 14 lessons in this book to help with that.
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