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Teacher Crossing the Line(LONG)
Old 05-05-2012, 03:21 PM
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My daughter is a freshman in high school. She's in a foreign language class taught by a teacher who is native to the language's country. He has quite the following of parents who think he's the bees knees because of his immersion method of teaching.

I'm not a fan of his, as a teacher or a parent because he has shown some questionable behavior over this school year to which I have spoken with the principal of my daughter's high school about. As most of you know, it's very hard to complain about other teachers because it's hard to separate the teacher/parent role within your own school district at times. I guess I'm taking the chance of being considered a nuisance because his behavior infuriates me as a teacher and most of all as a parent. Here's the skinny on that-

It all started when my daughter began to get Fs in class participation. When questioned about it, my daughter began complaining about "immaturity of boys" in her class and how she didn't feel comfortable saying things because the boys always turned it into something sexual or "nasty". She said that a lot of it was tolerated and even extended by her teacher. The first incident that I got wind of was an activity surrounding the names of clothes in that language. Mr. Immersion thought it was a good idea to bring in female clothes for the boys to dress up in to help them learn the foreign names. My daughter showed me pictures of boys in the class wearing bras (no shirts on) and panties over their jeans.She also informed me that the "immaturity" aspect of it was that the teacher let the boys draw "boobs" on the chalkboard when talking about bras, and when it came to using the vocabulary regarding underwear, that the TEACHER SAID IN GERMAN THAT HE WASN'T WEARING ANY and that he pretended to unbuckle his pants "to prove it".

That, was over the line. So, I contacted the princ at the school and had a lengthy discussion with him that included my suggestion that since the teacher was relatively new to the country that maybe he wasn't aware how something like that could be taken. We left it at that.

To make a long story short, we had a few other incidents like the ones above. Let me tell you, it was very hard not to go over and confront the guy face to face. Call me an overprotective dad, but some of this stuff is way out of line for ANYONE to say in the company of young ladies.

Well, yesterday I was policing my daughter's FB page and noticed she had posted a video that looked like it was taken at school. When I watched it, it turned out to be the teacher in question standing on a desk and doing a dance. As I watched I was totally shocked at what I saw. At first I thought, "There's no freakin' way I just saw what I saw." I rewatched it and sure enough, the guy was grabbing his crotch during his dance. I came unglued. The worst part about it is that my daughter, in putting up with bull crap like this is almost desensitized about it. I asked her what the story was behind the video. She said that he had lost a bet and had to dance for the class. When I asked if he was grabbing his crotch she said, "Yes."

Needless to say, it was a rough night for me. I wanted to confront this jerk in the worst way, but of course, that's where that teacher/parent thing gets in the way. I took the video down off of FB and sent it to the principal. I'm awaiting an answer.

Call me a prude, but I find this kind of behavior ridiculous. I seem to get a lot of "well, that's the way the world is now" or "what's the big deal? It's just harmless fun." To me, this is the kind of crap that comes up AFTER the high school teacher is caught having inappropriate contact with the female students if you know what I mean. Thoughts?

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