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The Expectations of Teachers Today...
Old 09-26-2017, 11:29 AM
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are absolutely ridiculous. And not to engage in defeatism, but this is precisely the conclusion I had reached in my first year of teaching. In fact, I have just created a thread describing my experience, which I hope gets posted on this site. In it, I go into details. But I feel this way: if you don't see a future in the teaching profession, then just admit it to yourself. It does students an incredible disservice having a teacher who isn't fully committed.

I quit my teaching job after only 4 months of teaching. Like you, I had no mentor teacher. I also had 29 students, a second-grade team of incompetent teachers who weren't helpful, and they didn't know any more about high-quality teaching than I did. The principal was also new to the school and new to administration. She obviously had something to prove to her superiors at the sacrifice of everyone else. And so, the pressure she felt from the top trickled down on all us teachers like the falling stones of a mountain. Having said this, I don't regret a single day leaving such an awful and ridiculous experience. If this is what teaching is about today, then they can have it.

When I started substituting back in 2001, schools weren't doubling up class sizes on one teacher. Now, the average is 1 teacher to every 30 students...RIDICULOUS. Who can manage that and have a life outside of work????!!!??? And it's not a coincidence that as the expectations of teachers get more and more unrealistic, the teacher shortage rises and class size increases. Why can't school systems see the correlation? Listen, I'm now back to subbing. Ad if I don't like a school for any reason at all, then I don't have to return to it. Period! I'd rather sub than be a teacher for one second.
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