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Why are subs so insecure about this process?
Old 11-26-2018, 01:33 PM
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I am back subbing and tutoring after many years in sales. I left subbing because I had to be at so many schools to keep working. They did or didn't have the Aesop systems, but I would be there for many weeks, get rave reviews from the teachers, and all of a sudden the main office would say, "oh, we feel it is fairer to call other subs now too," and I would not get called. Work would dry up like dust.

Most school systems don't care if the sub has former teaching experience, don't care if the sub taught different grades, don't care if the sub has a certain amount of education, and don't care if the sub has worked formally teaching in several different local school systems. That being said, does it matter really what happens? To me, it doesn't, seriously no.

I worked at a district as a sub with a special ed non-verbal autistic student who's FIRST WORDS in his ENTIRE LIFE were with me. I had been working with him as a para sub exclusively for a few months when it happened. It is a longer story, very touching. The para assigned to this student had a sick partner who unfortunately was in hospice for cancer, and she decided while I was subbing this student not to return to teaching.

I thought, I can apply for this job as a long-term sub for the rest of the year, since I had obvious rapport with the student. I sent my application for the long-term sub position to administration on advisement of the special ed director at the elementary school, who said "you'd be the perfect person for the job!" My resume and packet were the first packet there. It was not even advertised yet! End of story, did I get the job? Nope, they gave it to someone else. I did ask who, rather the qualifications of the person who got the job. On that answer (which they did graciously tell me who got the job over me and her qualifications), I left subbing and went to sales the same week.

That taught me a multitude of things, not least of which is that what you do as a sub is just what is logged in for that day to keep the education process wheel moving. Nothing more, certainly nothing less, but for darned sure nothing more.

Read the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff." Trust me, half of what most people think are this huge deal in life to lose sleep over tonight do not matter to anyone else, anywhere else.

If you have an opinion about this, let me know. Right now, the only jobs in my areas (and I mean AREAS) on Aesop are para's and half day for classroom teachers. I am not sure if I will be subbing much longer, but did have a tutoring job created for me through me marketing myself, and I am happy about that. It will probably last another 4 months tops.

Chime in, love to hear your thoughts. Anyone curious, I am female.

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