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We may have a different interpretation of the role of a sub. In most cases (for me, at least), the job of a sub is to follow the teacher's plan to my best ability and maintain the status quo until the teacher returns. I take responsibility for what happens on my watch, but I do not consider myself to be "taking over the classroom" while I'm there.

My schools treat me with appreciation and respect, but it sounds like that is not the case for everyone. Some schools seem to consider a sub to be a warm body with a pulse and treat them as second class citizens. If that were my case, I would be looking for a new job.

If your description on this board accurately represents your demeanor in person, we may have an answer for why you were passed over for a permanent position. Your descriptions (this thread and others) sound swaggering and overbearing. Only you can say if that is true or not.

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