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Hello my wonderful sped comrades!! I'm gearing up for annual review season...I have 5 in the 3 days we have school this week. Yay!

Here's my question...I have a very disorganized student who we all think has ADHD, but the parent refuses to get the diagnosis or look into medication. Of course, the medicine thing is a very personal decision and they need to make that decision as a family. The thing is if they'd at least get the diagnosis we could classify the child OHI and have some flexibility in programming, but as of now the child is just straight SLD. Anyway, I'm trying to come up with appropriate mods for this child. I know I need to put in something about organization but I'm not sure what or how to word it. I was thinking of saying the child needs a communication folder that the teacher and parent have to sign daily and the child can earn rewards for getting both signatures. That's a bit wordy for the accommodation/modification section though. Would it be appropriate to put "communication folder, see form attached to IEP" and then attach a document that could be put in a folder next year?

I'm going to run my idea by my sped supervisor, but I know all of you are a wealth of knowledge! Thanks for any help or input!

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