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Clip to ScrapBook #3

I don't know that I would tie rewards to the student attaining something that depends on teachers and parents making the time to do. If you have parents who might not be able/willing to add one more thing onto their daily to-do list (and who might struggle with organization issues themselves), or teachers who need to rush to next class, it will be really frustrating and demoralizing for the kid. And teachers and the parents will not really appreciate you writing a goal that depends on their time.
I would go with an organizational skill that builds the students skill level for organization, such as 'student will be provided with a daily 5 point checklist of organizational items that he will check off daily, date, sign and turn in to his case manager' You can give him a reward if you feel like he would not be internally motivated. The checklist could include items such as putting forms into correct folders or turning in home work assignments.Not too much, keep it manageable, but something that should help the student stay on top off things. Heck, I need a daily checklist to remind myself, and I don't even have ADHD. Use the goal or modification to teach a life skill.
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