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Acknowledging that you have to be careful... I tend to ignore inappropriate behavior and make it clear that I don't have time for it. I'll acknowledge when a kid is upset and suggest they find a place and way to get calm. In some cases, I'll offer help. "How can I help you fix this?" I think we spend too much energy trying to "fix" drama. "I'm here to teach, you are here to learn."

In a long term situation, I'd be inclined to create a quiet corner where a student can go on their own to just get grounded. The key is, I think, to make them responsible for their own behavior. I find in third grade it becomes critical to reinforce "worry about yourself." A student who tattles gets challenged to solve the problem. When the chemistry is wrong, I'll point out what is unacceptable and ask the students how they plan to fix it, hinting that they probably won't like my solution.

I think too often the kids are outmanaging us and making us solve the problems they create, sometimes by their own inflexibility. They want us to change the behavior of others instead of them figuring out how to solve THEIR problem. Just today I had a third grader pitch a major fit because somebody had the chair she wanted. Gee, maybe you just need to want a different chair? (Not too used to getting your own way, are you, little one?)

Can we differently empower kids to work for themselves instead of a piece of candy?
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