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Most students will need a very predictable routine/daily schedule, so I would set that up first. Variety (and fun staff) should be within the predictable routine. For example: life skills class, every day 10-11 AM,fun store activities- every Friday during life skills group. I can't stress enough that daily routines are key. Have them posted with visuals and announce them at transition times. "We are done with reading group, next we will have life skills and do a cooking activity" After a while your students will know the routine and what to expect.

If you can, get an idea of what the diagnosis apart from mild-moderate DCD are. Do you have kids with autism or fetal alcohol spectrum or another diagnosis? Read up on those- each kid is different, but there are some very specific needs and strength that go with each diagnosis.

You might have non-verbal or low-verbal students. Being non-verbal does not necessarily mean a lower IQ. Think of how you will involve them them, how they get to answer questions or make choices. Use visuals, pecs , sentence frames, and voice output apps like prologue

Practice using intentional language. Most of your students will have language processing issues. Don't use too many words, and be specific in how you use them. Do not use a question if you mean it it to be a directive. For example: "Johnny, please put the toy in your backpack" instead of "Johnny, could you put the toy away?" or "Johnny, why are you playing?".
Last but not least: The kids (and your paras) will regulate off you. If you are disorganized or moody or anxious, they will be too. They depend on you being calm and friendly and non-reactive.

I loved working in self-contained. My favorite kind of kids. Enjoy them!
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