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9th grade
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I love 9th graders!! I get to see them come into our school as young people and leave as mostly more mature young adults. I have taught all grade levels from Kinder to senior in high school and I have a fondness for 9th graders.

Not knowing your full situation (middle school or high school) the 9th graders will come in either feeling like they are king of the hill (middle school) or a bit scared (high school). I get them in high school and have found that just being understanding of their fears, knowing their bodies are developing faster than their minds, and that they are very emotional and passionate about how they feel makes a big difference. They want to stand out, yet be the same as everyone else. They want to find the "love of their life" yet not be tied into any one thing.

As for teaching them, find a common ground with them. Ask them what they are interested in learning in your class and try to accommodate that as they try on their new nearly adult shoes.

As for cellphones, well, I say follow your school procedures for them. If the kids can't have them, have a phone hold bucket on your desk. Make sure they kids turn the phone off and use the phone holder to take attendance. Should a student honestly not have a cell phone, don't count then absent . I have also used cellphones as collateral. If they need a charger for their iPad in class, they have to give me their phone for as long as they have my charger or whatever item they borrowed. Go with what your school says first then be creative after that.

I also give them one warning to put a phone away then it goes on my desk. If they have it out again next class period, the phone goes to the main office until the end of the day. If there is a 3rd time, they call their parent from their cellphone, and then I take it to the office to have the parent come get it. Our district allows us to confiscate phones if they are are a severe nuisance. I have only had to go to the 3rd step one time in the past 3 years.
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