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I have students annotate. It’s a good skill for college, forces them to read or skim, and isn’t usually something easy to find. At the junior high level, I have my 8th graders use color coding to highlight a text when they find an answer. Then they must justify their color coding in the left margin (right margin is for me to respond).

I also might give them things to look for (3 reasons friendship is important, for example). Then in the margin they must justify why they chose that section to answer the question.

I have also done it this way: I will read it (or we will choral read it, yes in middle school!), you will read it with a partner, then you read it alone. All are fine aloud, even by yourself. I need to hear you without getting in your personal space. This is three rounds. Then I give them things to do with it.

I have also done a sneaky thing - I will use a big selection, but 2 pages in, I’ll slip in a sentence that just says “stop reading here” to see how many students catch it. It’s the same font, size, everything, even in mid-sentence.
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