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Do you get pulled to sub?
Old 01-29-2018, 07:52 PM
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My sped team had a meeting with one of the sped teams from another school in the district today. One of the teachers was upset because she was told she'd be subbing in 2nd grade for the rest of the day when they returned from the meeting. We were really surprised because that would NEVER happen in our building. They said they have to do it all of the time- even people that aren't even teachers like the SLP or school psych!

My current principal is very serious about the IEP minutes being met. I appreciate that because in the past I feel like it was just me who was really concerned about that. I'd be pulled for meetings mid-day, dealing with behavior, etc. but even my previous admin never pulled me to sub. Our intervention teachers used to get pulled all of the time and my new principal put a stop to that also.

I'm strongly considering looking for a new position next year, but this is the kind of stuff that makes me hesitate. I'm just wondering how common it is? I literally moved across the country alone after college to avoid having to sub (job market was so bad in my hometown that it was pretty much expected you "put in your time" as a sub for several years prior to landing a position).

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