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School fired me for BS reasons
Old 12-03-2015, 02:21 PM
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Hi folks! I found my way here trying to find information in regard to my (former) job. I wanted to ask the advice of others who work in the field of education. I'll be as specific as possible without being specific to the point of identifying.

My local school district hired me to be a library assistant toward the end of the summer, and then they fired me for "not being a good fit" in November. Personally, I think they handled my employment horribly. Some of the district's greatest hits during my brief employment with them include:

- Not giving me a copy of my contract (probably to keep me from knowing when they were taking advantage of me).

- Expecting me to discipline and be in charge of classes (but without training me on HOW to do this) when doing so wasn't in my job description.

- Telling me I should have just figured out how to do the parts of my job I wasn't trained on (mostly related to classroom management).

- I paid union dues, but the union did absolutely nothing to defend me even when I was being fired.

- Was left alone to run the library for days at a time because the actual librarian would have to work at other locations in the district (because the school was too cheap to hire more than one librarian).

- Had extra duties heaped on me and then was scolded when I didn't have time to do my actual job.

I've currently got some union folks at the regional level trying to get in touch with the local union people, but the local union has been ignoring the regional rep for two weeks. I think they're going to wait until it's been a month past my termination so I can't possibly file a grievance. So the union is pretty much useless to me now.

Frankly, I think it's ridiculous the way I was expected to do all these things that I not only should not have had to do as supporting staff, but that I wasn't even qualified to do. I'm wondering if there's anyone else I can contact about my situation. Would the school board be interested in this? I have no idea what to do from here and I don't want to let the district get away with treating its employees like this if I can help it.

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