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Joined: Jul 2011
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1. When reading a book/watching a movie, do you like hearing spoilers? Or would you prefer to find out the events as you read/watch them on your own? No spoilers for me, but if I hear them, so be it, I guess. I prefer no spoilers, though!
2. When is your next day off from school? November 8th or something like that. It's a Friday in early November. I think it's the 8th, assuming that's a Friday!
3. Is your heat or air conditioning running today in your house? Neither
4. Have you purchased any Halloween candy for trick or treaters? Have you eaten any of it yet? I haven't purchased Halloween candy for the sake of trick or treaters. I did go to the Halloween section and by candy at the store for my classroom and for our school lounge, and yes, I have eaten from both!
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