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Saying the Numbers
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Love all the ideas so far and would definitely use the base ten blocks, drawing pictures of numbers (using small squares or Xs for ones, tall rectangles for tens, and squares for hundreds), and dictation of numbers on T-charts.

Don't forget to give students daily lists of numbers. Begin by placing them on your overhead and saying as a whole class. Then give partners a different list of numbers to practice with their partner. Begin small...numbers in the ones and tens (one day of practice), numbers in the ones, tens, and hundreds (two days of practice), numbers in the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands, etc. Model for students how to say these numbers without using the word "and."

125 is one hundred twenty-five, not one hundred and twenty-five.

3,467 is three thousand four hundred sixty-seven, not three thousand four hundred and sixty-seven.

Place Value Game
I give students a T-chart with two to four columns labeled ones, tens, hundreds, thousands and a deck of cards placed facedown with the jokers, kings, queens, jacks, and tens removed. The aces equal one. Shuffle the deck. Partner one chooses a single card and places it in one column on their T-chart, and partner two does the same thing. Partner one choses a second card and places it on their T-chart, and partner two does the same thing. Partners continue to take turns choosing a card depending on how many columns you are using on the T-chart. Once a card is placed in a column, it cannot be moved to a different column. Students know the rules for creating their day students try to create the largest number and another day the smallest number. The person with the winning number has to say the number correctly or loses that round. After ten rounds, the person with the most wins is the champion.

Find Your Place Value

Materials: one shuffled deck of cards with the tens and face cards removed (If there are more than two players, you may want to use two decks of cards with tens and face cards removed.)

Players: 2 to 4 players

--Shuffle the cards. One player deals the cards evenly among the players.
--Players place their cards in a stack facedown in front of them.
--Each player turns over two (or three or four) cards depending on the grade level. Each player arranges his/her cards to make the greatest possible two/three/four-digit number.
--Each player reads his/her number aloud. The player with the greatest number wins all the cards from that round and places them in a separate pile.
--Play continues until all cards have been used.
--The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

--Players may use five, six, or seven cards to work with greater place values. Use two decks of cards.
--Players may also form the lowest possible number to win each round.
--Player may also form the highest possible number in the first round, the lowest possible number in the second round, etc.

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