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I would never condone
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using that type of language with a class, but whether some of the other things are appropriate depend upon what type of experience this is for you. Is it your student teaching experience, or is it a clinical observation where you are expected to do a little interacting with the students? That matters greatly because it helps to determine what is appropriate.

If this is your student teaching experience, know that it is not uncommon for some teachers to leave a ST alone for limited periods of time. Students act differently when the CT is not in the room, so I do leave my STs alone if I need to talk with another staff member, when I go to get the mail, etc.

You should walk around to maintain classroom control; while I do not condone being on a phone, know that you CT may not need to do the same thing to maintain control. Also, telling you to have boundaries is not totally out of line. Because you don't have a relationship with the students, you must be more strict to maintain the classroom environment.

What is the unit that you are being asked to teach? It is unusual that he would not give you tips, but if this is your student teaching, it is not unusual to expect you to create a unit on a topic.

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