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grocery service
Old 05-08-2019, 06:26 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #4

I also use the Walmart grocery pickup. I like it so far. I have used it many times. It takes so little time - I'm usually there and gone in 5 minutes.

Instead of adding items to a grocery list (which I had on my phone) I now just add them directly to my online shopping cart. I can very quickly shop all options and make a choice online. Also, at the checkout, you have the option of allowing for substitutions if they are out of something but I never choose that option. Because I have done it often, I am now given suggestions before I actually submit my order and the suggestions are only items I have purchased in the past. I like that. It can be a reminder of something I forgot. I find that I spend a little less. I'm not a real big impulse spender at the grocery anyway but it does cut that out.

Another important note - I have ordered fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy/eggs through the pickup service and have never been disappointed - a big surprise to me. I'm picky!

Cons- Missing out on sales. There are items which are not available online/pickup which are available in store. A recent example - Easter candy is usually marked down the day after the holiday and I wanted to take advantage of that. Those weren't available through pickup service, only in the store.

Occasionally they get it wrong. Last month I ordered ingredients for a cake for my son's birthday. When I got home and unloaded I realized the German chocolate wasn't included. I had to pick it up the next day at a different store. However, I called the store. They were very nice, reimbursed me and gave me a coupon for $10 on my next online purchase.
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