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Positive Comments make things worse
Old 05-12-2019, 06:52 AM
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I have taught 2nd grade for over 25 years. My school is really pushing PBIS and restorative justice. Our behavior coach wants us to do away with consequences. He feels that we are there to teach them right from wrong and we should never punish children. Instead we should encourage them with praise and reteach whatever the child is struggling with behavior wise.

I agree to a point, however I think children need to learn there are consequences for poor choices. Plus, any reteaching of behavior has to come from instructional time because we arenít allowed to take away recess or lunch or give detentions. We are in danger of being taken over by the state because our test scores are so low, so we canít really stand to lose instructional time. We have no extra bodies in the building to help so when there is a major problem there is nobody to reteach the behavior or to keep things moving academically in our room.

I had two hot messes in my room this year. One is emotionally disturbed and was finally removed from my room after 30 weeks of school. This child would just scream and scream for no obvious reason. The coach told me I should have created a better relationship with the child and then the child would have stopped screaming.

The second child had many issues and what worked one day wouldnít work the next day. If you praised this child or thanked her (privately or in front of the class) for making good choices she would lose it and her behavior would escalate. Often she would start hitting others or saying cruel things to others.
When I asked my behavior coach the best way to deal with this he told me to build a better relationship with the child.

So, my question is....How do you handle the child that canít take any praise or acknowledgement of good behavior? This is a child that also seems to like consequences. By that I mean she seems to like knowing Iím going to follow through if she doesnít make good choices. For example, she will remind me at recess time that she has lost 5 minutes of recess. Personally I think it makes her feel safe when I enforce consequences.

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