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I worked in a school like that once. I had to just do my best to enforce my own consequences in my classroom. I'd often plan a more "fun" activity for the last few minutes of a lesson (typically some sort of academic game) and let students who did well participate, and students who didn't had to write about what they'd do differently next time. It was really hard to not have those "big ticket items" to take away though, like recess, field trips, special events, etc.

My admin only wanted us to call home for behaviors. That was effective almost none of the time. The parents either didn't see the behavior as a problem, or had the same issues at home and either couldn't or wouldn't handle them.

I've found that kids with ODD do not respond to praise, but do respond to consequences. I had a kid in my after school program this year that I was super nervous about because he needs a lot of support from counselor/psych/paras all day long. The kid has done absolutely fine with me, because there are actually consequences in the after school program (they get kicked out after three incidents). At the beginning he asked a lot about what the boundaries were and what would constitute a "strike."

For your student, I would stop the praise and enforce boundaries as much as you can within your own room. You have to be close to the end of the year, right?
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