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The problem is...
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The problem with most of these "programs" isn't the program or the concept--it's what (however well-meaning) people do to them.

These are not zero-sum games. While I totally agree and support the idea of increasing positive interactions in the classroom, classrooms should also reflect to some degree of the realities of life and the world. In the real world consequences do exist. It's not likely that the IRS will simply make positive statements to you if you fail to file your taxes. You don't get a sticker on your behavior chart when you file your taxes--they don't even send a thank you note.

I also believe in giving kids choices but that assumes they have at least a modicum of decision-making skills. If we aren't teaching decision-making and critical thinking skills, giving the student choices is a lousy teaching technique because we're actually teaching the wrong lesson. One of the often omitted lessons in schools today is some "rights" have to be earned.

How do you handle the child that canít take any praise or acknowledgment of good behavior?
(This is not a criticism because I think the question actually suggests the OP knows the answer. The challenge is to make the answer work in a system that is often broken.) I think it's past time we remember that we are teaching individual kids (humans) and not simply adapting and following programs developed by some theorist. Some kids need and want consequences... actually, all do. They are just little people who are becoming adults. Some adults obey the speed limit to avoid a ticket. Some adults obey the speed limit because they think it's the right thing to do. I'm not sure it much matters why someone does the right thing as long as they do it.
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