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Clip to ScrapBook #5

Don't ALWAYS do all of these things, but here's what we have done/what we're doing this year (in addition to schoolwide Field Day, walk-a-thon, awards assembly....)

art--including learning about MC Escher and making tessellations--this can take a LONNNNNG time


Salute (algebra card game for 3 kids)--google it

read Love That Dog and then Hate That Cat

someone on another site mentioned that they pass out laptops and have kids go on "field trips" to Smithsonian, White House, etc

I give them a packet of activities (word search of classmate names; coordinate grid art/words; summer crossword...) for those weird times we have when kids don't have anything to do---i will have FOUR ten-minute periods one day next week...

write letter to self listing your hopes and goals for the next school year--then give to them after first quarter

write advice to next students in my class

art tissue paper--mine are cut into large fish shapes and paper plate relay race (waft plate to make wind to move tissue across gym and back)--hilarious!

stick spaghetti in mouth and pick up noodles and transfer from one place to another race

read in

escape rooms

watch DVD of pictures taken throughout year

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