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Why not?
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I have never heard that a student on and IEP can't receive Title I services. Anytime a student with an issue with learning can double dip there shouldn't be a problem unless it interferes with the IEP.

As a case manager and SPED teacher, I have quite a few students that receive both IEP services and other services offered to their peers. How would a school that receives Title I money and special ed money turn any student away? That seems strange to me.

There is no law out there that prevents a student on an IEP from also receiving services granted by Title I.

Title I and IDEA are revenue streams for public schools. These funds do not follow individual children.

Title I provides federal funds to improve the education of disadvantaged children. IDEA provides federal funds to help schools and school districts educate children with disabilities. Some disadvantaged children who attend Title I schools have disabilities and receive special education services under IDEA. - See more at:
Does this help you any?
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